During the loan process we hit some speed bumps but, overall the process went smoothly. Mr. Barnett was very patient and he did everything he could to ease my anxiety. He took the time to explain the process throughly and when I did have question he made sure I was completely comforting with his responses. I was keep informed about every step of my re-finance process. I am greatly for having an opportunity to work with GMFS-LOANS and your representative Brett Barnett. Another satisfied customer!

Deborah P. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday April 28, 2020

Brent was very professional, easy to work with, and quick to respond! It was a pleasure to do business with him and a wonderful experience overall!

Mackenzie H. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Friday January 31, 2020

GMFS, Brent Barnett specifically, have handled three mortgages for my wife and I. The most recent was a refinance less than a year after completion of new construction. The interest rates had gone up as we initially closed. However, Brent kept an eye on the rates for us, and called at the right time. Knocked five years off our term, and our note is the same.

Reece L. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Friday August 23, 2019

Gmfs is an absolutely amazing mortgage company. My wife & I have been w them since 2013. They have financed 2 house’s in 2 different states. We just refinanced for a shorter loan term & came down a whole point in interest. Brent Barnett needs a raise/promotion, he is incredible!!!

Josh A. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Jeff B. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday July 11, 2019

Brent was fantastic to work with. Readily available and made the process extremely smooth.

Jenny M. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Monday June 24, 2019

Brent was always available to answer any and all questions we had rather thru text, email, or over the phone.

Meaghan L. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday June 20, 2019

We used GMFS Mortgage to obtain a mortgage when we purchased our home in March. We worked with Brent Barnett and he was wonderful to work with! He walked us through the process explaining each step. Brent is very knowledgeable and looked out for our best interest. I really can’t say enough about our experience, it was easy and again, Brent is an expert in his field! Thank you Brent and GMFS!

Amy F. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Wednesday April 3, 2019

I had my mortgage with GMFS Mortgage and when I decided to refinance my home I looked around but decided to stay with them. All the people I worked with were very professional and knowledgeable. It was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Hedy S. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday March 28, 2019

Terry T. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday December 4, 2018

The friendliness and helpfulness of Brent Barnett of from GMFS Mortgage made buying a house such a pleasant experience. I’m happy and confident that everything was done in my best interest. Thank you! I will refer everyone I know to Brent. He is a 5 star guy!!

Erin S. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Wednesday October 3, 2018

Rachel V. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Wednesday August 15, 2018

Brent Barnett always makes the loan process go smoothly by his hard work.

Gasper G. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday July 26, 2018

Brent was very helpful. He answered all of my questions…sometimes multiple times, considering this is our first time buying a house. He was more than willing to explain everything in great detail. He made it easier to understand. He was accessible and either always answered my calls or at least returned them in a timely manner. I definitely put him through the ringer with tons of questions, but he was very patient and polite throughout the whole process.

Julia W. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday July 17, 2018

Brent was so helpful and went above and beyond for us! He really made the process so much easier.

Cynthia B. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday June 12, 2018

They made everything so simple and easy! I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Ben M. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday May 8, 2018

My Loan officer, Brent Barnett was very professional and provided and explained details of the process step by step. I will certainly recommend GMFS Mortgage.

Kitina D. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday April 10, 2018

We had a very pleasant experience with Brent during the process of looking and buying our home. I will be recommending GMFS Mortgage and Brent to family and friends

John A. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday April 3, 2018

Brent answered every question in a timely manner, called us to make sure we needed anything! Such a great experience

Brandi M. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday April 3, 2018

Brent was great! He was very informative and kept me aware of what was happening every step of the way. He was always helpful and prompt to respond when I needed him! Thanks so much!!

Austin L. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday April 3, 2018

GMFS Mortgage were very helpful to me while buying my first home. I didn’t know what kind of documents I needed and they made the process very easy explaining everything and answering every question that I had.

Chad P. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Wednesday January 3, 2018

I had a heck of a time finding a house. Brent was very patient, caring and answered all of my questions right away. I feel I was very fortunate having him help me through the loan process.

Cathy P. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday January 2, 2018

Brent was very knowledgeable and walked Angel and I through the whole process. Kept everything easy to understand and was always on top of the situation. Mostly he was patient. Finding our house took and while but he stuck with is the entire time. I would not hesitate to contact him again.

Joshua L. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Sunday December 31, 2017

The service that GMFS Mortgage and Brent Barnett provide is so easy and convenient! They will answer your questions in a timely manner and advise you of what is best for your financial needs.

Megan O. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Tuesday October 31, 2017

My experience working with Brent to extremely easy. He took time to go over and explain our credit, how the buying process goes and all documents. I would refer all my family and friends to GMFS.

Mary W. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday July 6, 2017

Brent Barnett was wonderful! He answered all of our questions in a timely manner.

Toni L. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday July 6, 2017

Brent Barnett moved quickly from day one and I closed on my dream home nearly a month early! Brent made the home buying experience easy and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for friendly customer service. Brent is easy to work with and was extremely helpful with any questions I had. Thanks Brent for making home buying so easy!

Pascha B. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday July 6, 2017

The process of refinancing my house absolutely could not have been easier. It took only a few emails and documents exchanged, the appraisal, and then signing papers. Perfect service combined with the lowest rates. I highly recommend GMFS Mortgage!

Donna S. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Thursday July 6, 2017

This was our 4th house closing and although we had a few hurdles with me being able to take advantage of additional state and parish incentives that are not very common as a 100% disabled veteran. Brent was a fantastic resource for use and guided through our home purchase very smoothly. I would highly recommend him to others!

Charles P. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Friday September 2, 2016

GMFS Mortgage is the greatest. I have financed two homes through GMFS and Brett Barnett gets nothing but praise from me. He worked with me from start to finish to getting financing done. He always was available to take my call or returned my calls as soon as he came available. I have pass his name on to friends. Mr. Barnett is a great asset to GMFS. My realtor said that she had put his name at the top of her list to recommend to possible home buyers. THUMB UP TO GMFS MORTGAGE

Donnie P. GMFS Mortgage Customer

Sunday January 25, 2015