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Sundays @ Noon
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Mortgage Matters weekly radio shows are typically divided into four segments:

  1. Credit & Financial Education
  2. GMFS Mortgage Loan Officer of the Week
  3. Realtor of the Week
  4. Related Community Outreach efforts


Mortgage Matters show podcasts

After working with over 89,000 customers, GMFS Mortgage realized that the public’s working knowledge of the home financing process is still very limited, most likely because buying, building or refinancing a home is something typically done once or only a few times in a person’s lifespan.

The Mortgage Matters radio show on TALK 107.3 FM is designed to bring together real estate and home financing experts to help educate listeners on the entire mortgage lending process and teach potential and current borrowers how to put themselves in the best position to buy, build or refinance a home.

On Our Next Mortgage Matters Radio Show

Realtor Kelly Mitchell has great rapport with clients

Roussel Real Estate Agent Kelly Mitchell has a reputation of excellence among her clients and peers. learn more noon Sunday on Mortgage Matters Talk107.3 FM.

Setting 2019 Budget Goals – Sheila Strange, LIFE Services

Sheila Strange, owner of LIFE Services, Louisiana’s Innovative Financial Education Services, shares how to assess your budget as you look ahead to the new year.

5 things to consider when getting a mortgage

Jason Vick, GMFS Mortgage Loan Officer in Prairieville explains, no matter if you plan to buy today, in 6 months or in a year, there are 5 things to do to better prepare you for the home loan process.

The Foster Village in Walker

The Foster Village was founded to positively impact other foster families or desiring foster parents by providing supplies and resources to assist in the costly items children need for a happy foster home.