If your primary residence was destroyed or damaged as a result of the flooding that occurred in August of 2016 in Louisiana and is within the Presidential Major Disaster Area, then the Home Rebuild Disaster Loan may be right for you.  This loan may allow you to easily rebuild or restore your primary residence and help replace lost/damaged furniture and appliances.


  • Refinance a primary residence to rebuild or restore your flood damaged home.
  • Replace lost/damaged furniture and appliances.
  • 90% Financing Available on Restored Value.
  • Interest only during construction with a 12 month term, then refinance to a permanent fixed product.
  • Chose your contractor (subject to GMFS approval).

Loan Eligibility

  • Your residence must have been located in a Federally Declared Disaster Area resulting from flooding in August 2016 in Louisiana.
  • The refinanced property must be a Single Family Property.
  • These loans are for principal residences only.