Monthly Economic Commentary and Indicators

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July 2018

June was a busy month for Economic News – the US NOKO Summit, FOMC Meeting with an interest rate increase, strong gains in the labor market, mixed housing market data, lower GDP estimates, and new tariffs on Chinese goods. Trade, tariffs, and the potential for a Trade War seems to dominate the news lately. Is this the start of a Trade War or is it just hardball negotiating? With all the talk about tariffs on imported goods, people may have missed the talk about restrictions on the export of US technology. The concern is National Security, and it would restrict Chinese firms from buying US Technology and/or taking over US Tech firms. Why is a Trade War important to the Mortgage Industry? A Trade War could lead to a recession in 2019. During recessions the Fed typically lowers interest rates – or in this case, stops raising interest rates.

In this month’s full version of the Economic Commentary and Indicators PDF we will review the following Economic Indicators and Data from June 2018 that are important to the Mortgage Industry and Mortgage Professionals.

Economic Data and Events

Interest Rates and Fed Watch

Housing Market Indicators

Labor Market Economic Indicators

Inflation Economic Data/Information

GDP Economic Data

Consumer Economic Indicators

Energy, International, and Misc

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